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Ch Outfox Find Your Fire


Ruby Desire Under the Red Sky


GchB Kijabewinds When Stars Align RE, CD, CGN, AGN, AGIJS, NTD, DN, AADC, SGDC, NP


Cinder is our youngest girl, and our little ray of sunshine. She's a super friendly,  loving, playful, and goofy girl. She continues to do well in conformation with limited shows, and is often used as a Junior dog.


Cinder is training in Field, Rally and Obedience and is a lovely, biddable and easy to work with dog.


Health Clearances

Buff coloration: Embark Clear

CEA (Collie Eye Anomaly) status: Embark Clear

Cleft Palate status: Embark Clear

PRA: Embark Clear

Cleft Lip/Palate and Syndactyly status: Embark Clear

Juvenile Addison's Disease status: Pending

DM status:  Embark Clear

Degenerative Encephalopathy status: Clear by parentage

Chondrodystrophy (CDDY): Embark  N/CDDY

CDMC: Clear by Parentage

CLAM: Pending

Thyroid: Normal OFA

Hips: Good OFA

Elbows: Normal OFA

Patella Luxation status: Normal OFA

Heart: Norma OFA

Dentition: Full

D.O.B: March,1, 2022

Height: 18"

Weight: 38lbs

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