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Outfox Tollers


It all started with Maia.


We wanted a companion and sport dog in a compact package, and our search lead us to the Toller. To our delight, in 2013, we found the perfect breeder just 20 minutes from where we lived: Sharon Janzen with Kijabewinds, and she paired us with our girl Maia. This began an incredible journey of friendship-turned-mentorship as we entered the world of co-ownership, showing and dog breeding.

Rachel grew up always wanting a dog. She has never taken something and run with it as much as dogs - Maia started a lifelong dedication to all things dog sports and activities. As well as a career in the Veterinary Industry spanning 10+ years.


She is both the master trainer and the skilled photographer of the Outfox family. You can catch her ringside primarily at conformation shows and agility or obedience trials, or among the tall grass and ponds practicing fieldwork. When she’s not entertaining the toller pack, she’s taking photos, playing video games or working on a puzzle - of course with a hot cup of tea in hand.


Coming soon.

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